2005-2022 Toyota lug REAR DISC CONVERSION brake upgrade swap kit Backing Plate




Toyota trucks are notorious for having weak rear drum brakes. Thousands of cars are sold with the same problem from the factory. Many customers have called in describing the same problems with the rear brakes. 4 main complaints are:
1. Rear brakes never locking up no matter how hard you press the brake pedal.
2. Front brakes locking up easily.
3. Constantly having to adjust the rear drum brakes every 4000 miles
4. Front brakes locking up in the middle of a turn causing the steering to stop working so the truck keeps going straight until you let go of the brake pedal.This is extremely dangerous!

The ideal front to rear brake bias should have the front brake locking up just before the rear brakes.

We have developed this rear disk brake conversion to replace your stock drum brake setup. This new kit allows you to use 2010+ Toyota 4runner rear components (rotors, calipers pads, emergency brake parts). The kit has emergency brake function and improved braking power. This brake kit will make the rear brakes stronger so the front to rear bias is perfect.

We have made it painless to convert your Tacoma rear drums to disc using O.E. 2010+ Toyota 4runner rear components.
Pro Series 3 Rear Disc Backing Plate Kit
fits All 2015-15 Toyota Tacoma 6 Lug
Double Cab, Access Cab & Reg Cab

Brake upgrade Conversion Kit Contains:

1. Rebuilt/ new Calipers (depending on whats available)
2. Pads posi quiet ceramic
3. Rotors 312MM, 12.2 inch CNC drilled, slotted, vented, Zink plated, and machine balanced rotors
4. DOT approved custom fabricated steel braided brake lines
5. All required parking brake internal parts
6. Backing plates & brackets with black powder coat Improved design retains OEM parking brake cables
7. Backing plate mounting bolts & washers
8. Caliper mounting bolts & washers
9. Brake hose mounting brackets
10. Installation Manual

this kit uses your stock emergency brake cables. Picture shows new cable but we recently found a way to reuse the stock cables, so disregard the picture of the cable. This kit does not come with new cables.

This kit is designed to replace the original equipment rear drum brake system on all
2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma.
Compatible with factory ABS.
It should be installed by a qualified automotive brake system technician. 2 ways to install. either cut off drum brake backing plate and install the kit. or pull axles and unbolt/press drum brake backing plate off.The last picture shows how to delete the OEM prop valve and replace it with an adjustable Wilwood prop valve. Fine tune rear brakes for best performance.


1998 – 2004 Tacoma owners: you can use our tundra rear disk conversion and everything will work except the custom cables will be not available. So no emergency brake unless you make your own cables.

Silver color calipers are bare metal and will rust. We recommend you to spray paint them with clear coat or color of you


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