Five Speed Mazda Gearbox Conversion – TR2-4A




We are pleased to be able to offer this Mazda 5 speed gearbox conversion kit for your TR2-4A. This conversion uses a brand new MX-5 gearbox, giving your TR2-4A the slick gear change that the MX-5’s are well known for, along with a relaxed cruising 5th gear.

This kit fits the A type overdrive or non-overdrive vehicles.

The kit is supplied with a fully assembled gearbox with a bespoke cast bell housing & casing designed to fit directly to your TR2-4A’s engine back plate. The bell housing flangehas been designed to resemble the standard gearbox, preserving engine bay originality.

The conversion uses a new clutch cover and a new custom friction plate is supplied with the kit. Installation is simplified with no cutting or permanent modifications required. Many of the components are preassembled to the gearbox and only require connections to the car.

The kit includes:

  • Brand new Mazda 5 Speed gearbox assembled into custom casing & bell housing
  • Concentric clutch slave cylinder assembled with pipework
  • Custom clutch plate
  • New gear knob
  • Custom gearbox mountings
  • Speedo drive & cable
  • Bespoke propshaft
  • All parts & hardware for installation


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