TotalEnergies Quartz 5000 Future XT 10W-30



Short marketing text:
Premium mineral based engine oils exceed the API’s and ILSAC’s new sequences. Can be used with the vast majority of engines from the newest to the oldest generations.
Product description:
The petrol engine and post-treatment system components that use them (such as three-way catalytic converters) are given long-term protection.
The 10W-30 grades reduce internal friction within the engine so it can deliver full power, while at the same time generating fuel savings.
Protection for pollution-control systems: their low phosphorus content prevents the 3-way catalytic filter from getting clogged up with soot. Reduces emissions of NOx, HC and CO in particular.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API SP
  2. ILSAC GF-6A


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